Carnley Property Management specialises in Property management that is all we do. All our efforts are focused on managing your property well, so we can deliver the best possible result for you and your investment. Being the only Property Management focused office in this area gives the opportunity to keep up with the ever changing rental market and focus on making sure you as the client receive the best possible return on your investment that you can.

Communicating with you on a regular basis and conducting regular inspections, such as 6 weeks into the tenancy and then every four months thereafter gives me and you as the owner a better understanding on how the property is being maintained by the tenant, but also makes sure any issues are addressed as quickly as possible so your property isn't being neglected. Keeping you informed every step of the way is the key to managing your property effectively, and this is what this office can achieve for you.

My focus is to secure the best possible tenant for your property, which is crucial. This is done by meeting the tenants concerned, checking all references and because I have been in the Industry for over 26 years get a feel for the right tenant for each property. A gut instinct is really important, and usually works well for me to secure a quality tenant. Any agent can find a tenant for your property, but do you want a quality tenant, it is about quality over quantity without question.

I have many a tenant that have had an association with me over the years and they seem to come back to me, because I treat all clients with respect and consideration, whether they are a landlord or tenant. Building a strong relationship with all the clients is the key to any successful organisation, which I feel we do really well.