Carnley Property Management                                  Tenants

We are fully Electronic with repairs and maintenance, however if you have not provided me with an email address you can still use this format below.  

All repair requests need to be made in writing. Please complete this form providing as much detail as possible. A representative from Carnley Property Management or a tradesperson will be contact with you.


Tenant’s Name:






Contact Phone:






Street Address:



Please indicate maintenance request



If relevant, please indicate which of the following applies:


Stove:               О      Gas                                  О     Electric

Oven:               О      Gas                                  О     Electric

Hot Water:        О      Gas                                  О     Electric       Leaking Y/N


Please indicate how our preferred tradespeople are to enter the property:


I wish to be present for any scheduled maintenance         О

I authorise the tradesperson to enter the property             О


Please confirm the information you have provided above is correct and that you authorise us to forward your details to the appropriate tradespeople:


Yes, I agree                                                                  О

No (Please contact the office to discuss further)              О


This form needs to be either emailed to [email protected] or

P.O. Box 312, Beresfield NSW 2322.